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ProActive Tex, is a brand of Promega Textile Co. (, focused on producing protective healthcare apparel, during Covid-19 period. 


Our main objective is to provide the best quality non-woven products with the latest technologies, by transfering our expertise and production capacity in textile, into the field of professional healthcare apparel. 

Since the beginning of Covid-19 period, ProActive Tex has been producing isolation gowns, ultrasonic protective masks and protective coveralls for Turkish customers and Turkish 

Government as well as exporting them mainly to Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Slovakia, Ireland and Canada. 

Adapting the company’s manoeuvre ability to the short-term emerging needs of our clients in this Covid-19 period, we aim at increasing our capacity of production per unit, while establishing solution partnerships in Turkey and all around the world. 


We are quite aware that a product is not just a “product”, but a whole entire world: ProActive Tex, while considering the best quality/price balanced products also commits itself to the welfare of it’s customers as well as the employees. 

We see the World as our legacy and to be taken care of by all means. 

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